Many couples ask themselves why engage a weddings planner? The questions you should answer yourself are: Are you capable to decide from a huge range of service providers and locations and make the right decision? Are you capable to decide from one interview whether you can you can trust the party of your life to the service provider? You should ask yourself whether you have time to plan a huge and extensive project beside your main job. A professional wedding planning lasts many hundert hours, according to your budget and individual requests and expectations. Please choose how I can assist you.


2. venue research


4. event coordination

wedding planning services

1. complete
wedding planning

As I am in the weddings business since 2005 I know a thing or two about collaborations.

Firstly, I listen to you very carefully - what exactly do you want to achieve with your celebration? What is important for you? How should the celebration of your life look like?
Based on your wishes and ideas, I start to create a concept of your event. As soon as you confirm this concept, we start with the detailed design and planning phase.
Setting a budget and managing it, is one of the most important parts of planning. I will help you to stick to your budget and distribute it efficiently.
Together we will define milestones for your event and together and we will together achieve each of these milestones.
I work out detailed time schedules and an efficient project management concept for your party, so all will work out as we planned.

2. Venue research

Based on your event criteria (number of guests, budget and event type, I will research suitable venues for you and provide you with a comprehensive dossier of available venues and pricing.
I know all the respectable locations and I know where new locations will open.
I will also arrange tours of the venues for you and negotiate the contract on your behalf once you have selected a suitable venue.

Let us together find your perfect location, the location you have dreamed of!

3. All Production services
research & Management

I would love to find the perfect team for your wedding and manage the different service providers:

- Catering & Mixology
- Entertainment & Talent Booking,
- Graphic Design & Invitations
- Photography & Video Production
- Wedding stylists
- Gifting
- Lighting Design & Implementation
- Cake designers
- Furniture rental services
- Pyrotechnic
- Sound & Audio Visual
- Destination Services

I know the best service providers and I would love consult and advise you to find the perfect provider for you.

4. EVent coordination

You would love to enjoy every single moment of your wedding?
You would love to immerse in every single part of your wedding schedule?

I want you to concentrate on your beloved ones and spend the day with them without worries.

I am on your side at the most important day of your life, you can lean back, because you are sure that the day would be just perfect.

I will find solutions for the problems and the incitations of your guests.
I am the conductor behind the scenes, because I take care that all service providers work properly hand in hand and I organize a smooth flow. Hours before the beginning of your wedding until the late into the evening.


I have worked with several  hunderds  of service providers from the event industry. I know all the prestigious locations and I know when new locations will open. 
I know all the stumbling blocks, I have faced every difficulty  and I was capable to solve any problem. 
Together with my couples we managed to get through the dire straits of  Corona.  We have planed, rescheduled, delayed, prayed and cried  together. I am proud to say that despite all the problems  I have organized the party of the life for my couples.  

I speak 4 languages: German, English, Russian and French, I understand a little Italian.


I work in a very structured way and show you the path through the exciting and beautiful time of wedding planning.

Get to know me and find out whether I can be part of your wedding.

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