“The Great Gatsby” themed wedding

When Olga & Viktor first came to visit me, they told me. Linda, we don’t want a typical wedding, we want a non-formal party. A party where all the guests feel comfortable, relax and party until dawn.

The idea to take the book “Great Gatsby” as the theme of the wedding was born very quickly. Jay Gatsby hosted the best parties in New York in the twenties. And we wanted to organize the party of a lifetime for Olga & Viktor.

Staged with feathers, pearls, the color gold and the color navy blue and many decoration elements from the twenties. A photo corner with Chesterfield elements, a fireplace. A decadent table decoration with bouquets of flowers, table linen in dark blue and gold accessories, invitation and printed materials withe elements that we completely redesigned for our couple.

We managed to organize the party of a lifetime for our couple and everyone who was a guest at this celebration will not soon forget this special celebration.

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Location: Stadthalle Ettlingen


Fotograf: Andrea D’Acquino

Video: @Andrej Horoshulja

Hair & Make Up: @sevgili_galina_love_your_skin