Boho Hochzeit im Schloss Michelfeld 2020 - Love is not canceled

We fought for this wedding like for no other. We had to overcome an unbelievable number of hurdles. Corona was always like a shadow over us, health problems, government restrictions, 12 C for an outdoor wedding. Everyone can do weddings where everything runs smoothly, but only very few can solve problems…

We made it together with my dear Guilitys even with baby on board. Not only made it, everyone who was part of this day will be able to say it was the wedding of the year! But see yourself how much love they spread, how wonderful the celebration was and how you can make something magical out of difficulties. One thing we can say with certainty after this year is, “Yes, we can do weddings and Corona weddings we can do like nobody else!”

Watching this video, I still can’t believe it. Yes, we did it, defying the weather, defying Corona, defying the political restrictions. How many times we thought we would have to cancel the wedding. We fought for a year and won.

What a crazy and surreal year! The world is coming apart at the seams. And this video, this wedding brings me personally back to calm and gives me strength and hope that things will get better soon. That you can celebrate the feast of two lovers despite Corona, carefree, happy, exuberant, proves to me the wedding of my lovebirdies Julia & Felix. That love is not yet written off and the feast of love certainly not. My couples, if you plan to celebrate , just do it. If you know how, even in a pandemic, you can celebrate your love…. And meanwhile I know how.

Thank you dear Franzi, dear Sebastian for capturing the moment and making memories for eternity – Memories for Eternity.

Thank you dear Mic, for these enchanting pictures and for capturing the moment.

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