Aviators – Let the adventure in Baden Baden begin

I try to breathe into each wedding the soul of my couples. I give each wedding a motto, an idea. Because nothing is worse. than to celebrate a wedding that has already been there. I am a great believer that every couple deserves their OWN very individual wedding.

The personality of the couple also played a big role in this couple.

Anna, very successful in her profession, very intelligent, very feminine in her nature and romantically inclined. Alexander, his profession shapes his whole life. Because he is a pilot, his home are the skies and his great love Anna. In this clip you can see, this couple pays attention to each other and complements each other so much. They always fulfill each other’s every wish, both she and he.

It’s one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever seen. But see for yourself how we incorporated the couple’s hometown: Baden-Baden and the personalities of our main characters into a great celebration of their love.

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Hochzeitsplaner & Dekoration: @events_for_eternity

Video: @kameramann_andrej_horoshulja


Location & Catering:  hectors_badenbaden


Torte: @cake_love_irina_ibbe