Wedding in Bad Schwalbach

Planning a wedding in Corona times is one of the hardest challenges for a wedding planner and for the couple themselves. This wedding was emotionally the most difficult of my life. Until the last day we did not know if the wedding could take place or not.

There was trouble with officials, one department said the wedding could take place without any problems, another said only under conditions: mask obligation, distance and dance ban, a third predicted us a short-term ban on the event. “Give up, it won’t work anyway” a lady told me on the phone.

But I believed in this wedding until the end, fought for it, terrorized the health department, the mayor’s office and all sorts of responsible people hundreds of times. Imposed conditions on ourselves and attention spoiler we won.

The mayor’s office called me just before the wedding and said that the mayor himself would like to come to the wedding and see this elaborately organized celebration and especially this woman who was not ready to give up. What can I say? He had been there and we met all the requirements. A specially made hygiene concept with special walkways, contact tracking lists, hygiene product dispensers, but most importantly we imposed a 3G super plus rule on ourselves. All guests whether vaccinated or recovered had to appear tested and no guest was allowed to enter the hall without a test certificate.

No one believed this party could happen except my couple and me. And our faith and my persistence gave my couple the celebration of a lifetime. A free wedding ceremony on a jetty over a lake, a decor dream of pampas. The celebration in one of the most beautiful locations in Hessen, the Kurhaus Bad Schwalbach. With beautiful decorations in beige gold, pampas, flowers in blush, an enchanting bridal table, breathtaking lighting effects and a great audience.

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